Privacy Policy:

Who we are?

Our website is and it holds all sorts of information about us.

What data we ask our clients and why?

We collect the data and IP address when any visitor visits our site and gives any review, and we do so only to control the spam.

We may send the email address to the Gravatar service to confirm that you are using the site or if any unnamed string is created. Gravatar service’s privacy Policy:  On your approval, your comments are displayed with the profile picture.


Whenever you upload any image to the website then do not attach your location to it as any visitor could extract your location data out of it from the website.

Contact forms


When you are commenting or leaving any review on the website you can save your mailing information and your name to the cookies so that you can give your feedback again without providing your details further various times. It will be saved there for one year in the cookies and will be convenient to use throughout the year.

The login page, the browser accepts cookies that have no data and that gets to discard when you close the browser.

When you log in with your credentials, there are some cookies that save it for two days but it saves for two weeks when you click on the “Remember me” option. And saves the choices of display for one year, but it gets discarded when you log out.

When you edit or publish an article it gets saved to the cookies in the browser. This cookie is discarded in a day and has no personal data but the only id of the article is edited.